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welcome to back_off_amazon!

Welcome to back_off_amazon, yet another one of those claims communities that are sweeping the lj fad-world.

1; You may make three claims. The first ten members of the community may make up to five claims. Note: this is three claims total, not three claims per category, so choose wisely!
2; You may claim anything your heart desires, from other LJ users to Leonardo DiCaprio's bellybutton lint.
3; Check the claims list before you post. It will save us both a lot of time, I promise.
4; Make all your claims in one post. If you make one claim and then think of your other two later, then delete the first post and make a new one stating all of your claims.
5; If you leave the community, your claims are up for grabs.
6; If you do something for the community (make a spiffy icon or banner, supply money for paid time, etc.), you may be able to make another claim. Wait until you are given permission before you make the new claim, however.
7; You are allowed to change a claim if you need to, but if I see that you are doing this too often, I may decide to prohibit you from doing so.

Don't know what to claim? Here are a few suggestions.
  • another LJ user
  • your best friend's little sister
  • your favorite song
  • your favorite celebrity
  • a character from a book
  • a prop from a movie or TV show
  • a dictionary word

    This community is maintained by mindfreeze, who also maintains the communities do_me_gordo and dsfangirls, and is a co-maintainer of infamous_icons, with one of her best friends, clueless. Joining any of these communities or advertising them would be of great help.

    back_off_amazon is dedicated to Sara Harding. "Back off, Amazon" was a phrase that often frequented her vocabulary when she was feeling possessive of something.
    10/28/87 - 02/02/03

    Background: mindfreeze
    Overrides: mindfreeze
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    Icon 02: clueless
    Banner: clueless
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